Personal Musings of a Latter-day Saint with Asperger's Syndrome

The Return

It’s been over a year since I have posted here, and the litany of potential explanations comes flooding forth.  Anybody who happens to be reading this (and I’m not sure if anybody has) could be forgiven for jumping to one or more of the following conclusions:

  • I am deceased (false)
  • I am no longer Mormon (false)
  • I no longer have Asperger’s (definitely false)
  • I am delinquent on my U-verse bill and have lost Internet access
  • My family had me committed (false–so far)
  • I lost my fingers in a tragic factory mishap and can no longer type (false)
  • I’m just lazy (partially false–primarily the “just” part)

The truth is twofold:  first, I had the sneaking suspicion that nobody was coming here, and I wasn’t sure if it was worth the trouble to post solely for my benefit.  However, I also see the value of journaling, and so I will keep this blog going (however sporadically), and if anybody else happens upon it and finds something useful, then so much the better.

In addition, I keep wavering back and forth on the “Aspie” label.  I’m learning the value of not identifying with it so closely, and I also realize that it is largely a label, a social construct (like so much else) which may or may not reflect an objective reality.  I don’t even know for certain that it describes any specifically identified brain function or activity.  As far as I can tell, it is simply a word used to identify a cluster of observable behaviors and may or may not have an anatomical foundation.  

Nevertheless (as President Uchtdorf might say in his awesome accent), I realize that it is useful to help me make sense of my life experience, so I am not dropping it entirely.  I just don’t want to overidentify with it and give it more power over my life than it warrants.

And so, I will keep stopping by on occasion.  If I find that people are leaving comments,  I will take that as a sign of public interest and will post more frequently.  My posts will probably be of a more general philosophical nature (i.e. musing on life), and not necessarily Mormon or Asperger’s related, though they will certainly be informed by both.


Comments on: "The Return" (2)

  1. BearBird said:

    I believe that I understand why you go back and forth on the “Aspie” label. I was recently told by a professional that I have my own special little place on the spectrum. Although it makes sense as I reflect over my past and literature, I too find that it is really nothing more than a cluster of behavior patterns. When I think of the label it seems like a tempting scapegoat for all of my problems, should I choose to pin the tale on that donkey or goat (as seems more appropriate in that sentence). Thank you for your words.

    • BearBird, thanks for your comment. I think you have it spot on–the whole issue of labeling, and whether there is anything solid to back it up, has been on my mind a lot lately. In fact, I’ve been working on a post addressing that topic–and may even get it published this year!

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